Mobile Today B.V. ( is thé wholesale for GSM/mobile phone accessories and parts (original and own brand) of high quality for the lowest prices on the markt. From cases and chargers to parts and repair equipment, this wholesale GSM/phone accessories has it all. Cases, chargers, USB cables, touch, LCD displays, batteries, holders, headsets, screen protectors, USB sticks and Micro SD cards, buy them wholesale from As a wholesaler, we have GSM/phone accessories and parts for nearly every brand and type of GSM/mobile phone, smartphone and tablet available. We have GSM/ mobile phone accessories and parts for Apple IPhone, Samsung, Nokia, LG, BlackBerry and HTC to Sony, Motorola and Huawei, as a wholesale we can deliver them directly and fast! More than 10,000 articles immediately available for shipment! Fast delivery within 24 hours!

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