Fast delivery! operates a 24-hour delivery depending on the country of the receiver! Do you wish to know where your package is? Just ask the current status of your shipment by clicking on the logo of the relevant postal service. You will be redirected to the Tracking page to retrieve your package status.


Track & Trace

UPS Track & Trace



FREE SHIPPING for orders over 99/199 euro. By COD the shipping costs are €9.95 ex VAT. will endeavor to deliver in the Netherlands within 24 hours if your order is received by 7pm at the latest.

For orders from abroad, you must send us your VAT number, an excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce and a copy of your identity card by e-mail or post. In this case, you pay no sales tax.
If you do not have a VAT number, you have to pay 21% tax.
Your tax adviser can settle this amount with the tax department of your country.
Or your accountant can request a refund for the amount of tax you have paid.


For returns, you need the returns form. You can download, fill out, and print the returns form using the link below. Please include the printed returns form with the return products in the box/envelope. Use this link to download and print the returns form

Returns policy 

In order for us to quickly process your return(s), please take the following conditions into account.

For questions regarding your return, please send an e-mail to [email protected] indicating your order number, return date, and contents. You must indicate specifically what the content of your return is, such as the product name, model, and colour.


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